Important!!! Computer Lab hours start today.

Effective September 5th, the building will be locked after 5pm.  In order to access the Visual Arts Center afterhours, you must have an ID card with you, and you must be enrolled in Visual Arts majors or courses.  Card readers have been installed at the main entrance and the entrance to studio classroom 122.



1:30 – 4:30 (Tuesday/Thursday) = 6 hours



4:50 – 9:50pm (Mon – Thurs) = 20 hours

2 – 7pm (Sunday) = 5 hours


All of the hours noted above are monitored by lab assistants who are there to help enrolled students with problem solving and technical issues.


If classes are not scheduled in KHVAC before 5PM you may use the lab. If classes are scheduled and you do need to use the lab please ask permission from the instructor of that course EVERY TIME. It the right of the instructor to ALLOW or NOT ALLOW anyone to use the lab during his or her class time.


Feel free to contact me Professor Mack should you have any questions or concerns.



Office KHVAC 110

Office hours: M&W 12:10 – 1:40


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