Converse First Piece of art you remember looking at?


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  1. Painting of the lake above the bed in the room I had of the house my family lived in after our home burned down when I was three. It’s one of the few things I remember from that house since we lived there two months.


  2. I remember a huge glass colorful statue that still sits in my grandmothers house. It looks like a person made out of glass about 6ft tall and is designed like Brito. I was always afraid of it because it looks very expensive and even from a young age I never went close to it in fear that it would fall and break.


  3. I remember a painting in my house when I was younger. The painting were houses in Charleston, South Carolina. Right on the cost line and it setting was during the night.


  4. The first piece of art I remember was a painting hanging over the buffet in my grandmama’s house. It was of my uncle as a small child in a uniform from The Citadel.


  5. A giant mural of a tree my mom painted on my little sister’s bedroom wall when I was little.


  6. The baroque woodcarving on my great grandmother’s barrel chested mirrored buffet in which I used to play hide & seek.


  7. When I was in elementary school, we took a field trip to the Mill Mountain Zoo and there was a black curvilinear sculpture that was placed by the groundhog exhibit.


  8. The first piece of art I remember is when my family and I went to the beach at Beaufort. There were these life size painted cows scattered all over the city and we did our best to try and find them all.


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