T/TH What if Money didn’t matter? What would you be doing?


12 responses to this post.

  1. I would’ve been a teacher already and probably working on my masters or teaching already


  2. traveling around the world


  3. I would be doing what i love and spending every day with the people I love, leaving day by day and enjoying every moment. No stress!!!


  4. living on the beach


  5. Creating some type of currency to take over the world…


  6. I would make a bucket list (because I have never made one) and do one thing from that list everyday.


  7. Playing paintball all day and I would get a second TiPX, Milsig Paradigm Pro, Planet Eclipse Ego Lv1, Dye DAM, Dye I4, and Drift HD Ghost! 😀


  8. quit college and work. move to California and start a band and do art. get a bunch of video games and travel and hike all over the world.


  9. I would be spending a lot more time going places with my friends and family.


  10. Making art, visiting friends and writing stories. Pretty much what I’m doing now!


  11. I would just be selling my art and photography and doing a lot of projects


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