MWF What is the difference between the red and the yellow caution in links panel?


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  1. yellow – it can’t be found
    red – it doesn’t exist


  2. The yellow I think just notifies you that there is a link problem and the red is saying something isn’t linked at all, so it may not show up in good quality or at all.


  3. someone tell me ! i dont have any idea.


  4. Red means one does not exist and caution means one needs to be uploaded. i think


  5. red – does not exist
    yellow – has changed or moved????


  6. Yellow means the link needs to be fixed and red means a link doesn’t exist


  7. Yellow – missing
    Red – …


  8. yellow means the link is not there. not sure about red


  9. Red means a link doesn’t exist and yellow means it needs to be linked/attached.


  10. yellow means its fixable and uploadable and red means that you have a major problem and it can’t be uploaded.


  11. Yellow means that the link has not been link and may not be found in a PDF and Red means that it doesn’t exist and the link is nowhere to be found


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