MWF In your best words what is the difference between raster and vector?


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  1. ummm…. im not sure actually..


  2. Raster is pixelated and fixed to size while vector can be manipulated size wise and will never distort.


  3. zoom in in a raster and you get blocks, zoom in on a vector you see it literally zoomed in. But raster easy to alter versus vector which gets kinda picky at times.


  4. Raster format is easier for analysis. It deals with boxes and vector is more smoother..


  5. Raster images become blurrier the closer you get, whereas vector images retain their sharp edges


  6. Raster images become more blurry as you increase size whereas vector images keep the same form (clean edges, no blur) no matter how large you increase it.


  7. raster are pixelated when you zoom out and vector are crisp and clear


  8. raster is pixelated when you zoom out and vector are crisp and clear! thanks (brit) 😉


  9. Raster images become fuzzy when you zoom in. Vector images remain pertyful 🙂


  10. raster – pictures have pixels and become pixelated when zoomed in
    vector – pictures don’t have pixels and stay crisp and clear


  11. its sad because Im not sure…. im the reason for this question.


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