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Wed. Dec.5th Sign In

Post below the favorite/most usable thing you learned this semester in class. What would you do differently?


Mon Dec 3 Sign In

What art/design/computer classes are you taking next semester?


Fri Nov. 30 Sign In

What did you find helpful on Wed critique? What did you learn from the experience? What would you do differently next time?

CD design I found

CD design I found

while looking for the measurements for the center circles on the cd i found this and thought it was really cool 🙂

TedX Interactive Committee

CD project due this monday… 10 am & 12 pm

And don’t forget we won’t meet for class Monday. I will see you all in class on Monday the 26th to print out the CD for the critique on Wed the 28 by the guest graphic designer. You will hand her the mock-up of the CD and use the images on the projection. I also suggest you all begin looking at and revising everything else for the final project. Our portfolio of all the projects in class this semester. Which is due Dec 7th for our final class.

Mon 19-No class but must have CD project uploaded on DropBox.

Wed 21 & Fri 23– ThanksGiving break- no class

Mon.26 Print out CD/mockup

Wed 28 Guest designer/crit of CD

Fri 30– demonstrate FINAL project which is your FINAL. We will go over what is needed and how to properly set this up for final presentation of Final Exam.

Mon 3– Work in class Portfolio

Wed 5-Work in class Portfolio–final working day.

Fri 7– OUR FINAL (MANDATORY FINAL EXAM CLASS) If you choose not to show, I drop a full letter grade off your final grade. Must be ready to with Final portfolio of class projects to show at 10 or 12. You will hand me your usb drive at the beginning of class and ALL COMPUTERS WILL BE OFF. Giving full attention to your fellow student. (Be prompt as I will too.) Try to be early if you can. We shall start at 10, do not be late as we will need the entire class to finish. Each student will have 7 minutes to speak about before after on the portfolio. Once we finish class that day, we will be completed as that is your Final.